♥About me

Name: Salla
AKA: Meimei, PuppyPie, paperboy, UnnecessarilyCool
DoB: 6/12/1989
Where: Lappeenranta/Joutseno, Finland
Hobbies and interests: Art school, learning japanese, sewing, drawing in general, cartoons and comics, designing clothes, Sanrio and San-X, stuff that is supposed to be for kids, pink and light red, fluffy things, plushies, ribbons, travelling.
Dolls: Tora - Dollzone Xi, Misae - Dollzone Shoyo, Kuro - Cerberus Project Lu-Wen EV, Chiara - DIM Odelia half closed eyes
Someday: Puchi(MWJuniorMinoru) + bodies


Wah, I haven't updated in so long ;_;
I am trying to get back to business after I get used to my new school. I live in a dormitory, but I took my girl with me (Tora is having his make up done by lovely Espy~) along with my two rolling heads.
And I might buy a body for Chiara. I am not sure if I can afford it right now, but then again, I could get it from Finland, so...
Decisions, decisions~

Chiara is (t)here!

Yay, my sister sent me a message earlier saying "The girl came home. <3"~ I am so excited. It will be a while before I can buy a body for her but I am still so happy that I can see her face irl now.
And Misae will be very happy too~


I just got the payment information from Seph of wigs for Puchi and for my friend's Haru. I don't have him home yet, and Haru is only a head at the moment, but I still can't wait for those to arrive ^^ It's nice to know that when I (/we) finally will get the doll(ies) home, he (/they) will have the right kind of wig(s) waiting. I should finish Tora's wig sometime soon, too.
Misae got her white boots some days ago~ I am very pleased, since now I can sell the other ones ^^ And she'll be getting some summer shoes after few weeks, too. I should sew some black shorts for her.
And I totally fell for an overpriced Odelia head. But she's such a pretty mold, and I just couldn't see anyone else as Chiara after seeing her the first time. Now I just have to find out what kind of body to get her when the time comes. And get a wig for her~ Hopefully she'll arrive at my sister's place next week.
Aaaand my boss called yesterday, asking me to work for the next week too. Yay, more money \o/


Tora's wig arrived today~ I am so happy. It's just so... orange ^^ I am a bit scared to start cutting it, but well, I got to do what I got to do D: Please keep your thumbs up for me o9

Another nice news is that there's ODELIA HALF CLOSED EYES HEAD on sale in DoA D: DO WANT. But but, someone else does too, and I have to bid. Guh, I'm not sure if I want to pay so much for it D: But.... want.
If I don't, I guess the next best thing will be that err... kid delf dreaming Cherry.

I am all sore from work... Thank god the pay is good, but sadly, I can't spend it on dolls, since I have to save up for my summer trip.


Oh yay, Tora's wig was sent on monday! I am so excited ^^

My father came home from St. Petersburg today and he brought me some souveniers~ Eyes and eyelashes.

Waiting for the wig...

Ah, the first two weeks of April are gone, and I still haven't received any information of Tora's wig ;_;
It has already been over two months (which is how long they told me it _migh_ take at first).
I re-did Tora's face up today. And thank god, he looks so much more like himself now! I want to get that wig here as soon as possible so he can finally be complete! >n<

I guess I'll have to drown my sorrows in Russian mythology ;_; Next up: Koschei the Immortal.

The head is here~

I got Kuro's head today. It was smaller than I expected! Or maybe it's just those eyes that trick me.
Well either way, he's such a beautiful mold~ I can't wait to get a body for him ^^ It'll take a while, but it'll be worth it. And the best part is that his eyes and wig will be ready! So I don't have to suffer with him not looking like he should~

Wig stuff~

Misae got her new wig today. It fits her perfectly, but it's a bit more... yellow than I thought :'D But oh well, I guess I'll get used to it. Maybe I'll try to cut bangs in to it.
I also got the black hair weft for Tora's wig. What a fast delivery ^^