September 17th, 2010


♥About me

Name: Salla
AKA: Meimei, PuppyPie, paperboy, UnnecessarilyCool
DoB: 6/12/1989
Where: Lappeenranta/Joutseno, Finland
Hobbies and interests: Art school, learning japanese, sewing, drawing in general, cartoons and comics, designing clothes, Sanrio and San-X, stuff that is supposed to be for kids, pink and light red, fluffy things, plushies, ribbons, travelling.
Dolls: Tora - Dollzone Xi, Misae - Dollzone Shoyo, Kuro - Cerberus Project Lu-Wen EV, Chiara - DIM Odelia half closed eyes
Someday: Puchi(MWJuniorMinoru) + bodies