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Tora's wig arrived today~ I am so happy. It's just so... orange ^^ I am a bit scared to start cutting it, but well, I got to do what I got to do D: Please keep your thumbs up for me o9

Another nice news is that there's ODELIA HALF CLOSED EYES HEAD on sale in DoA D: DO WANT. But but, someone else does too, and I have to bid. Guh, I'm not sure if I want to pay so much for it D: But.... want.
If I don't, I guess the next best thing will be that err... kid delf dreaming Cherry.

I am all sore from work... Thank god the pay is good, but sadly, I can't spend it on dolls, since I have to save up for my summer trip.
Tags: chiara, mold, tora, wig

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