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I just got the payment information from Seph of wigs for Puchi and for my friend's Haru. I don't have him home yet, and Haru is only a head at the moment, but I still can't wait for those to arrive ^^ It's nice to know that when I (/we) finally will get the doll(ies) home, he (/they) will have the right kind of wig(s) waiting. I should finish Tora's wig sometime soon, too.
Misae got her white boots some days ago~ I am very pleased, since now I can sell the other ones ^^ And she'll be getting some summer shoes after few weeks, too. I should sew some black shorts for her.
And I totally fell for an overpriced Odelia head. But she's such a pretty mold, and I just couldn't see anyone else as Chiara after seeing her the first time. Now I just have to find out what kind of body to get her when the time comes. And get a wig for her~ Hopefully she'll arrive at my sister's place next week.
Aaaand my boss called yesterday, asking me to work for the next week too. Yay, more money \o/
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